Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2020 for Vantage

We are proud to announce that Vantage have been awarded the prestigious Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2020.

Cost-No-Object loudspeaker of the year and Editors choice in hifi+

“The Hailey 2.2 shares more than a few sonic characteristics with the state-of-the-art Sonja XV. It is a terrifically revealing and musically expressive loudspeaker that is scaled perfectly—UK and European readers please take note—to deliver extraordinary results in moderately sized listening spaces. To hear them is to want them.”

Please find full review here. 25th Anniversary Legendary Performance Award!

We are happy to announce that Carmel 2 has been awarded's prestigious 25th Anniversary Legendary Performance Award!

Blue Note Award 2020 for Hailey 2.2

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Blue Note Award 2020 from Enjoy the

Hailey 2.2 is my new reference speaker.
In my opinion, every high end manufacturer should buy a pair to see if they can exceed its reference-level musicality or match it for less money. It's that good.

Review By Phil Gold – Enjoy the

2020 Product of the Year for Hailey 2.2

We are happy to announce that The Products of the Year for 2020 includes the YG Hailey 2.2 in the Ultra-High-End Loudspeaker category.

The 2021 January issue of The Absolute Sound features Products of the Year. In this annual feature, writers pick the best of the best from components heard in 2020.

Vantage - The Absolute Sound

We are delighted to announce that Chris Martens has reviewed the Vantage in the September 2020 edition of The Absolute Sound.

They offer much of the sonic excellence of YG’s terrific Hailey 2.2 loudspeakers, but at just 70% of the Hailey 2.2’s price. What is more, in the right small-to-medium-sized rooms and played at sensible volume levels, sonic differences between the Hailey 2.2 and the Vantage become very difficult to discern. Vive la Vantage.

Chris Martens - The Absolute Sound

Please find full details here.

Vantage - HiFi+ Magazine

Chris Martens reviews Vantage for the May 2020 issue of HiFi+ - "What struck me was the sheer grace and ease with which the Vantage teased out the track’s intricately interwoven musical lines and phrases..." Read the full review here.

Hailey 2.2 - HiFi Review

Hailey 2.2 was recognized as a 2019 Product of the Year by HiFi Review, one of the most popular magazines in Hong Kong. Read the full review here.

Hailey 2.2 - Enjoy the

"The outstanding characteristic is a sound so natural and spacious, you don't think about the equipment at all, you can simply relax and enjoy the music." Review By Phil Gold – Enjoy the

Read the full review here.

Hailey 2.2 in Hi-Fi+ Magazine

YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 review by HiFi+ Magazine’s Chris Martens. Like the XV and Sonja 2.2, the Hailey 2.2 conveys a sense of extraordinary sonic transparency, meaning the speaker will show you low-level transient, textural, and spatial details in recordings that you perhaps never knew existed. Read the full review here.

Sonja 2.2 -

We are delighted to announce that the Sonja 2.2 has been reviewed by Ruud Jonker in

It is difficult to characterize the YG Acoustics Sonja 2.2 loudspeakers in a few words. Just think of naturalness, the complete transparency and a penetrating, tangible and super realistic rendering. It's about that perfectionist overall picture, which makes it seem like a classical ensemble or any artist or band is really in front of you.

Ruud Jonker translated with Google Translate

Please read full review in Dutch here.

Carmel 2 in HiFi & Records-Germany

Carmel 2 was reviewed by HiFi & Records in a wonderful and in-depth feature.

The article features the red version of Carmel 2 and discusses the worldwide impact of this cleverly designed compact speaker. YG Acoustics was able to translate a short quote into English.

The reviewer writes: "…the Carmel 2 allows for a more detailed presentation of the instruments. Other speakers can also portray a saxophone, but with the YG a real 3D impression is created, which allows for a high degree of playback-realism – expressive and impressive."

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