Sonja 2.2 - The Absolute Sound

We are proud to announce that Chris Martens has reviewed the Sonja 2.2 in the April 2018 edition of The Absolute Sound.

What floored me about the sound of the Sonja 2.2’s on ‘Nublado’ was their ability to reproduce the seductive richness of tonal colours and the delicate textures of the instruments in play, the almost tractor-beam-like pull of the Candombe rhythm, while at the same time convincingly conveying the sound and ‘feel’ of a small church interior.

Chris Martens - The Absolute Sound

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Sonja 2.2 in HiFi+ Magazine

Sonja 2.2 review by HiFi+ Magazine’s Chris Martens. “The Sonja 2.2 manages to be highly informative while also remaining uncannily smooth sounding and unflustered, whether playing loudly, softly, or anywhere in between (where competing speakers often achieve perceived detail at the expense of a subtly bright, brittle, and edgy sound).”

Please find full review here.

Sonja 2.2 in The Absolute Sound

Sonja 2.2 review by The Absolute Sound's Kirk Midtskog.

"...the Sonja 2.2’s greatest strength, in my opinion, is its uncanny level of resolution and its lack of apparent artifice or strain. One can more easily relax and enjoy the music as it unfolds because there is so little hardness in the upper frequencies. “Detail and ease” seems to be a theme that a select group of excellent speakers embody to a much greater extent than merely good speakers do. Count the Sonja 2.2 among that select group."

"Compared to most other speakers, the soundstage sounds as if the YGs were placed about two feet farther apart and in a slightly larger room than they actually are. Individual images within the larger soundscape are focused, not in an exaggerated, hyped-up way, but in a manner that simply makes subtle musical elements more discernible."

"Music unfolds in a balanced way—tonally, dynamically, harmonically, and visually proportionally realistic within its overall soundscape."

Please find the full review here.

Sonja 2.2 in Haute Fidelite - France

Sonja 2.2 featured as the cover story of Haute Fidelite, France's leading high-end audio magazine, and is read in multiple countries around Europe.
For the full review (in French) please see here.

Carmel 2 - What Hi-Fi?

We are delighted to announce that the Carmel 2 has been reviewed in What Hi-Fi.

The Carmel 2s are exceptional in terms of detail resolution and insight. They have the ability to track complex music without sounding strained, in a manner that’s beyond most high-end speakers we’ve heard.

What Hi-Fi?

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Carmel 2 in My-Hiend - Taiwan

Carmel 2 was reviewed by Taiwanese magazine My-Hiend.

The reviewer's comments (translated from Chinese): "Faced with Mahler's complex large-scale orchestral music, the sound field of the system was impressive. Particularly the precise soundstage, the details of each instrument, and the dynamic integrity as a whole. The texture and control of the sound was excellent."

For the full review (in Chinese) please see here.

Hailey 1.2 in HXOS Plus - Greece

The cover story of the April 2017 issue of HXOS Plus features Hailey 1.2.

The review's conclusions (translated from Greek): "There is no speaker that is absolutely uncolored, no speaker that does not have its own tonal character. But there are a few shining examples that are less colored than our amps and sources, than our cables and recordings. The Hailey 1.2 clearly belong to that select category..."

Carmel 2 in Hifi Test - Germany

Senior reviewer Mr. Holger Barske of Hifi Test magazine published an article about Carmel 2. The review (in German) can be found here.

Mr. Barske's conclusions (translated from German): "YG's Carmel 2 is an extreme speaker in every way. It always plays well, but with careful setup it pushes the limits of the 'compact floorstander; concept to a new level."

Thanks to our German distributor PIA for providing the speakers for the review, and making it all possible.

Sonja XV in HiFi+

HiFi+ has published a phenomenal review of the "super-speaker" Sonja XV.

Special thanks to GTT Audio for making their showroom, and a wide array of top-notch ancillary equipment, available for the extensive audition.

Veteran reviewer Chris Martens' conclusion: "YG Acoustics Sonja XV stands as the finest and by far the most accomplished loudspeaker I have yet heard, and by no small margin at that." here.

Hailey 1.2 in VUMetre - France

France's VUMetre magazine subjected Hailey 1.2 to both an exhaustive listening test, and a precise measurement-lab inspection.

Their conclusions, translated to English:

"indisputable measurements...linearity, phase-coherence, low distortion"

"totally natural reproduction, highly powerful resolution, tonal correctness, highly precise soundstage" here.

Sonja XV Awarded Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker of the Year from HiFi+

HiFi+ magazine has chosen their 2016 award winners, and we are very proud to announce that the Sonja XV is the Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker of the Year.

The magazine summarizes: "...effortless, unforced treble performance, perfectly matched by a midrange, bass, and sub bass that redefine what... here

Sonja XV in The Absolute Sound

Senior reviewer Greg Weaver of TAS magazine auditioned Sonja XV, and concluded:

"This pioneering and benchmark-setting creation from YG is quite simply the most articulate, accurate, and musically engaging loudspeaker system I have heard. Period. I’ve heard speakers that sell for nearly four times as much that can’t begin to touch the Sonja XV in dynamic scaling, articulation, effortlessness, bass weight, transient speed, transparency, and individuality of pitch definition. The Sonja XV’s ability, especially as a 10-driver-per-channel, four-tower system, to communicate with a singular, cohesive, unified voice is unsurpassed in my experience. And its BilletDome tweeter is the most articulate, revealing, musically compelling treble transducer I’ve yet heard, easily surpassing the performance of any of the treated beryllium domes that have, until now, held my favor."

The full report can be found here.

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