It's all about the music

Our Passion

Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the high-end audio industry.

Everyone at YG loves music and our loudspeakers reflect our passion. They provide the most accurate, most musical performance possible today.

Our drive to recreate the emotional magic of a live performance constantly inspires us to push the boundaries of audio technology. Over the years, our journey has led us to many proprietary innovations in design, materials and manufacturing.

YG loudspeakers bring together the very latest in science and technology. They are built from the highest performance materials, manufactured in-house to an unprecedented precision. They deliver exceptional measurements: huge frequency bandwidth, exceptional phase coherence, enormous dynamic range and vanishingly low distortion.

More importantly, they provide the clearest of windows into the performance. They communicate every nuance of emotion, every musical cue from the tiniest micro-detail through to the physical impact of the most thunderous crescendo.

At YG we are lucky enough to hear our speakers every day. They can bring tears to our eyes or leave us with ear-to-ear grins that last the whole day. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Dr Matthew Webster


Matthew has been writing mathematical software commercially since he was far too young and spent the first money he earned buying a hi-fi system.

Since completing his PhD in Astrophysics at Cambridge, he has applied detailed computational modelling to a wide range of sectors but audio has remained an abiding passion.

He is responsible for steering every aspect of YG’s business and product development: from day-to-day manufacturing improvements through to five-year “is that even possible?” innovations.

His gaps between business management duties are split between furrowed brows staring down equations and ear-to-ear grins listening to prototypes.

Nate Cramer

Operations Manager

Nate has over fifteen years of experience in engineering R&D which, combined with his passion for music, makes him perfect for his role at YG.

He is responsible for every aspect of operations, from day-to-day details through to managing long term growth and strategy.

When he’s not roaming our facility making sure everything runs like clockwork, he loves listening to challenging and complex poly-rhythmic music which tests both the abilities of our loudspeakers and the patience of his colleagues.

Jason Browning

Product Design Lead

Jason’s background is in mechanical engineering and industrial design. He has a passion for every aspect of design and manufacturing, from initial concept sketches through to coding complex CNC machining paths.

Fortunately for YG, he is equally passionate about loudspeakers and he is responsible for guiding the design of all our products.

His eye for elegant proportions, micrometre-perfect construction and stunning finishes is rivaled only by the breadth of his “eclectic” taste in music.

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