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    YG Acoustics LLC
    4941 Allison St. Unit 10
    Arvada, CO 80002
    Tel. +1-303-420-9120
    Fax. +1-303-420-0156
    [email protected]

    • YG Acoustics™ is looking forward to the Canadian launch of the Hailey 1.2 at the HiFi Centre in Vancouver from 11am-3pm on September 8th.  Join us for a day of listening to this state of the art speaker and make your reservation wtih the HiFi Centre to attend.
    • In Loving Memory
      David Wilson 1944-2018
      Our distinguished colleague
      A true giant
    • YG Acoustics™ is happy to share the latest review of the Sonja™ 2.2 in HiFi+ Magazine.  The un-matched technology behind our speakers allows the Sonja™ 2.2 to not only convey sonic excellence and precision but  "a sense that one has been brought face-to face with the very essence of music."
      Please read the full review here.
    • YG Acoustics™ received two glowing reviews this month from leading magazines:
      The newly released Sonja™ 2.2 speaker (successor to Sonja™ 1.2) was auditioned by The Absolute Sound and Haute Fidelite, with spectacular results.
      Please read the full French review here. Please see The Absolute Sound review here.

      For additional articles, please see the Reviews page.
    • HiFi+ has published a phenomenal review of the "super-speaker" YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ XV.
      Special thanks to GTT Audio for making their showroom, and a wide array of top-notch ancillary equipment, available for the extensive audition.
      Veteran reviewer Chris Martens' conclusion: "YG Acoustics Sonja XV stands as the finest and by far the most accomplished loudspeaker I have yet heard, and by no small margin at that."
      The full review can be found here. Additional articles can be found on the Reviews page.