Invincible 21.1




InVincible is the world’s first hyper-high-end sub-bass speaker.

Created to solve a specific problem: owners of the world’s finest flagship speakers often felt that adding a subwoofer to their system caused more drawbacks than improvements. By pushing the conventional boundaries of possibility, YG Acoustics incorporated proprietary, leading-edge technology to devise a no-holds-barred assault on everything deemed possible in the sub-bass realm.

InVincible introduces the largest-ever BilletCore driver. Machined, in-house, from a massive, 30 kg (66 lb) slab of aircraft-grade aluminum, this cone measures 53 cm (21”) in diameter and weighs just 411 grams (14.5 oz.). The basket, also CNC-machined in-house, is then precisely assembled from 238 parts using lab-grade alignment and tolerances.

A dedicated, built-in amplifier boasts up to 6kW of RMS power for unrestricted dynamics.

The cabinet is also precisely CNC-machined from solid aluminum billet. Like YG Acoustics’ flagship Sonja XV and Sonja 2 Series, its construction is a “box within a box”, to minimize vibration. A sealed alignment eliminates port-issues and the time-delays associated therewith. FocusedElimination is incorporated to minimize loss.

The built-in DSP crossover offers extensive options for matching with most high-end speakers, but when coupled with a YG Acoustics speaker, the guesswork is eliminated. InVincible is pre-programmed for precise matching with any current YG Acoustics speaker and many legacy models, using a foolproof process inspired by the renowned DualCoherent technology.

Truly full output (-0 dB), even anechoically, to below 20 Hz
Usable output extends below 15 Hz

BilletCore ultra-high-rigidity subwoofer(s) with a diameter of 53 cm (21")
InVincible 21.1 – single driver

Up to 6,000 watts RMS (requires a 230 Volt AC hookup, otherwise 3,000 watts)

Proprietary DualCoherent-inspired crossover with user-controllable frequency
Designed using software developed in-house
Pre-programmed for precise matching with YG Acoustics speakers
Extensive options for matching with third-party speakers

30 x 27 x 27" (H x W x D)
75 x 68 x 66cm (H x W x D)

244lbs / 111kg

Color Options
Invincible 21.1 is available in three finish types: anodization, ChromALure, and high gloss paint. Contact your dealer for more information.

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