Vietnam Hi-End Show

Vietnam has proven to be a HiFi and music loving mecca. It's always a privilege for us to work side-by-side with the good folks in Hanoi. December 1st through the 3rd was this year's Vietnam Hi-End Show. It started with a ribbon cutting by those of us who traveled in for the show. The sound at the show was at an unusually high level. From our perspective the sweetest sounds were coming from the Cong Audio room (our awesome Vietnamese distributor). Sonja 2.2 speakers were being driven by Nagra Electronics, an Accustic Arts CD player and a Kronos turntable. The Sonja 2.2 speakers exhibited our signature transparency, walk-in soundstage and involving musicality. Many thanks to Vu Duc Cong our hardworking distributor and his dedicated staff.

December 17, 2018
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