Tokyo International Audio Show 2018

From the "Land of the Rising Sun" we bring you one of Asia's most important and enduring audio shows - the Tokyo International Audio Show.  Being a month later than in past years, this year's show had great attendance.  Japanese audiophiles and music lovers are some of the most dedicated in the world and are appreciative of a great system and great musical performances.  The room of our amazing distributor, AccA Inc., saw packed crowds everyday of the show.  At times the room was so full you couldn't even get through the door.  It's no wonder - the system was amazing!  The system consisting of Sonja 2.2 speakers along with Krell amps and preamp and an Orpheus CD player produced some of the most transparent and 3-Dimensional sound we've ever experienced at an audio show.  A big thank you to our amazing distributor Hideki Kimura-san!

November 26, 2018
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