Spain, Germany and Italy

Over the course of three weeks, YG Acoustics was featured in three European cities.

Beginning in Madrid, YG’s Spain distributor, Cosmos HiFi, presented Sonja 2.2 in an all vinyl source system. The Sonja 2.2 pair was  paired with electronics from Ypsilon, Vibex power products and a heavily re-engineered Tom Fletcher turntable/tonearm and Lyra Etna cartridge.  Show attendees were treated to a very special system dialed in by Cosmos HiFi principal, Cliff Orman. Cliff’s meticulous set-up (literally to the millimeter) caused the Sonja 2.2 pair to figuratively disappear. But for their visual presence, it was as if there were no speakers in the room.

In Stuttgart, Germany, YG dealer HiFi Wittman and YG Germany distributor, Gaudios, displayed two YG systems. In the main listening room, Hailey 2.2 was demonstrated with a recently released Nagra Tube DAC, Nagra HD Preamp and a pair of Nagra Classic amps. Analog duties were handled by a Thales turntable/tonearm and EMT cartridge.

In a more compact, "lifestyle friendly system", Carmel 2 partnered with a Brinkmann Nyquist Mk II DAC/Marconi preamp and a pair of Brinkmann Mono amplifiers. This pairing convincingly demonstrated how easily true high end sound can be achieved in a very unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing system.

Milan dealer Il centro della musicain cooperation with YG Acoustics’ Italian distributor, Audio Point Italia, exhibited at this past weekend’s High Fidelity Milano show. Displayed was another simple, "lifestyle friendly" system - is this a trend? A pair of YG’s compact, but truly full range Hailey 2.2, was mated to a Vitus Audio RI-101 integrated amplifier. Playback Designs’ MPD-8 "Dream" DAC and hi-res files completed this compelling, minimalist, ultra-high end system.

June 1, 2019
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