Southwest Audio Fest 2024

The inaugural Southwest Audio Fest 2024 was a resounding success. We’d like to thank organizers Gary Gill and Lou Hinkley for their vision to bring a vibrant trade show to Dallas. The Anatole Hilton venue was as impressive as they come.

YG demonstrated a large system in one of the big meeting rooms on the Mezzanine floor (the Cardinal Room), showcasing Sonja 3.2 speakers for the first time at a U.S. trade show.

Elsewhere at the show, YG speakers could be heard in the EMM Labs/WBT room, the Ayre/Cardas room, the Wells Audio room, and the Reference Analog room featuring Soulution.

Down in Cardinal, Sonja 3.2 system was carefully curated, and built as a collaboration between YG’s Dallas-area dealer Supra HiFi and Oklahoma City dealer Reference Analog.

Constellation Centaur II monoblock amplifiers and the Constellation Virgo II preamplifier provided power and control, an MSB Premier DAC provided conversion and the Roon endpoint, and Nordost supplied power distribution and noise control via their QBase Reference distributor and QNet network switch.

The turntable setup featured a Pure Fidelity Harmony table with a Pure Fidelity Stratos cartridge, feeding to an Audio Research Phono 3SE preamplifier.

Cabling was by MIT, and featured 2C3D Levels 2 and 3 for power, speaker and interconnect cables.
We were thrilled to be chosen in The Absolute Sound’s Best of Show list, and want to thank all attendees who came to enjoy beautiful music over the weekend in Dallas.

March 20, 2024
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