Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

October means one thing for U.S. music lovers and audiophiles - Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  Having completed their 15th year RMAF is always a delight for showgoers and manufacturers alike.  YG Acoustic's speakers could be seen in three different rooms at the show.  On the highly coveted mezzanine level of the show the Sonja 2.2's were singing sweetly with Nordost cables and CH precision electronics.  We noticed folks coming back time and time again to catch one more listen.  Our Hailey 1.2 speakers were also in play in two different rooms at the show.  The Classic Album Sundays room is always an attraction for showgoers, and thanks to our wonderful Colorado dealer, Aberdeen Audio, the room and the Hailey 1.2 speakers, with Jeff Rowland electronics, were a hit again this year.  A big shout-out to our friends at Auralic as well, who always put on a great show with their wonderful and affordable line of electronics.  The Hailey 1.2 speakers sounded involving and intimate in a relatively nearfield set-up with some new and special Auralic electronics in their room on the seventh floor.  Thanks to our partners and the many enthusiastic visitors for a great show.

November 5, 2018
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