Renovated Listening Room

Over the summer, YG Acoustics  completely renovated our listening room.  It was a labor of love for the YG Acoustics' team and required much of our time over the summer. After numerous paint coats, drywall, and countless hours spent hanging our lovely acoustic treatments, we finally have a state of the art listening room worthy of the speakers we produce. We hope to welcome many of you to our headquarters outside of Denver to kick back, relax and listen to our truly breathtaking speakers.  Sound treatments used throughout the room include ArtNovion Sienna Absorbers and Alps Diffusers,  Guilford of Maine high-performance textiles, and some of our existing in-house dampeners.  We thank Doug Greenlee of Sound Kinetics for his extensive support and guidance in designing this room and testing it to ensure optimal acoustics. Displayed are some of the pictures from our transformation.

September 1, 2018
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