Range of YG Acoustics Speakers Displayed at Tokyo Show

Japanese distributor AccA Inc. showed an array of YG Acoustics speakers to attendees over three days in October at the Tokyo International Audio Show.

The AccA room’s system was powered by Krell amplification with Orpheus components providing the source, and featured YG Sonja 2.2i, Hailey 2.2, Carmel 2 (in delicious red) and Vantage.

Visitors to the Tokyo International Forum venue enjoyed the sounds of over 200 high end audio brands represented during the 39th edition of the popular international audio show. The AccA room was consistently full of attendees whose focus remained internal during the demonstrations, but whose smiles and approving nods spread quickly after and between songs. YG would like to thank Mr. Hideki Kimura of AccA for hosting an incredible display at the Tokyo International Audio Show.

November 4, 2022
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