Partnership with local Denver gallery ATC-DEN and artist Laura Krudener

Our team spent the summer of 2018 connecting with more of our local Colorado community.  Recently, partnering with Denver art gallery ATC-DEN, utilizing their space to stage a photo-shoot of our Carmel speakers and featuring colorful artwork by local artist Laura Krudener.

We spent the day playing with color and showing off our brand new red-hot Carmel speakers. The same world-class performance you've come accustomed to from the Carmel, now with a new look.  The photoshoot allowed us to showcase a different side of our brand, and images will be integrated into marketing campaigns and Carmel content in the future.  Here's a few of our final shots and a behind the scenes look at our Carmels getting ready for their close up.  We hope to partner with more local artists as we continue to develop upcoming projects.

August 15, 2018
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