Munich High End 2023: Thank you to all our partners!

We'd like to thank our partners, Bel Canto, for all their help at Munich. We are immensely proud of the Live loudspeaker systems which YG and Bel Canto have built together, and it was great to have John Stronczer and Michael McCormick there to enjoy listening with us and answer visitors' questions.

Separately, we would like to thank Burmester for their superb system comprising the 077 preamplifier, 174 turntable and their newly-released 218 amplifiers. Weiss Engineering provided their amazing new Helios DAC/Streamer, while Innuos leant us their great Phoenix Net internet switch. Cardas supported us with their excellent Clear Beyond cables which were used throughout the system. Hi-Fi Stay generously loaned us their beautiful and highly effective Mythology Transform X-Frame with Performance Boards. Many thanks for all your help!

Finally, we used panels from Artnovion as acoustic treatment throughout the room, including their Logan diffusers and Siena absorbers.

May 24, 2023
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