Munich Hi-End 2018

In today's world of high performance audio the Munich High End Show is viewed as the biggest and most important show on the calendar. Held in Munich's MOC facility, the show attracts all of the big players in the realm of high end audio. The exhibit rooms, while having variance, are more spacious than most trade shows. The exhibits span four Halls (Halles) with upper floor Atriums housing private exhibit rooms. One can experience the largest collection of their favorite brands from all over the globe and oftentimes see new products introduced.

2018 marked the highly anticipated return of YG Acoustics to the Munich Show. As visitors ascended the staircase and entered "Atrium 4" they were greeted by a large image of YG Acoustics on the exterior of the HiFiction (Thales, EMT)/YG room. Inside, YG Acoustics Sonja 2.2 speakers were playing tunes sourced by the mighty Thales turntable fitted with an EMT cartridge, and powered by Nagra's finest HD Amplifiers. Special thanks to our partners Micha Huber, Jules Limon, and Sinisa Kovacevic (Gaudios KG) for their wonderful support, kindness and generosity.

YG Acoustics was also honored to be displaying with the amazing Playback Designs electronics in "Halle" 3 at the Munich Show. YG Acoustics Hailey 1.2 speakers loved the Playback Designs Dream Series digital sources (powered by Nagra HD Amps). The sound was transparent, involving and oh so musical. During live sessions with vocalist Lyn Stanley the system could have been a real band playing behind her - it was so real. A special thanks must be given to the benevolent and fascinating Andreas Koch for his world-class products and great association.

YG Acoustics speakers were also on display in "Halle 1" with analog pioneer SME Audio. SME in cooperation with U.K. distributor Padood had a beautiful system with YG Acoustics' Sonja 2.2 speakers powered by Boulder electronics and the new Synergy turntable system. A big shout-out to the SME and Padood folks for a beautiful display.

May 12, 2018
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