Merger of YG and CAS

To support our accelerated program of cutting-edge innovation, in 2020 YG Acoustics announced an exclusive partnership with Cambridge Acoustic Sciences (CAS), supporting our technology development and product design.

In parallel, we have invested over $2M into our Denver facility: more than doubling our production capacity with 6 new machines, increasing square footage, doubling our production team, and bringing in additional expertise.

Based in Cambridge, UK, the CAS team has broad and deep experience of audio and acoustics: from physics and materials science through to how the human ear hears music. Their scientific knowledge and computation modelling experience have let us design and prototype rapidly, making best use of our world-class manufacturing capabilities to deliver even higher levels of performance.

CAS’s advanced measurement capabilities and supercomputer models have allowed us to iterate and optimise designs with incredible speed and accuracy. The Peaks series was modelled at an unprecedented detail for audio sector: simulating real, high resolution music in a wide variety of realistic listening rooms, leveraging the virtually limitless capabilities of cloud computing as well as CAS’s in-house GPU supercomputer facility. The results have surpassed all expectations.

We have enjoyed the fastest technology and product development in our history. Peaks: a whole new range of six models with a level of performance never before heard at their price point. The Vantage Live: a complete system with sound quality so good you have to hear it. And there is so much more in the works.

In light of our experience over the past two years and our closely-aligned vision for the future, the management teams at YG Acoustics and CAS have agreed to merge their operations under the YG Acoustics name.

To support the new combined entity, Dr Matthew Webster will assume the role of CEO. David Komatz will continue as a senior adviser and significant shareholder, lending his experience and expertise. All other personnel continue in their existing roles.

Working together as a single company we are even more excited about what we can bring to the market in the next few years. Stay tuned.

July 4, 2022
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