Incredible Reception for the Peaks Ascent at Munich High End

This year, we demonstrated four loudspeakers at Munigh HIGH END 2023. One of these was the Ascent, middle of the three floor-standers in the Peaks range.

Making great music from a compact, metre-high cabinet, the Ascent was a huge success and an audience favorite.

The technology in Peaks allows the models to perform well beyond normal expectations for loudspeakers of their size, and Ascent did exactly that, filling the huge room we had with impressive scale and detailed imaging from almost every listening position.

Here is a selection of comments from reviewers:

..terrific definition and a big, thick, deep soundstage, with excellent placement of instruments. Big, very big sound. These speakers sounded much larger than they should have, given their size.

Jason Thorpe Senior Editor, SoundStage!'s not hiding, it's not afraid of the room, it doesn't care that it's massive..

Jay's Audio Lab
May 24, 2023
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