High End Munich 2019

At this year's Munich show we were featured in the below three rooms, each with their own individual and outstanding presence.

Sonja XV Jr. + InVincible: NAGRA AUDIO

Hailey 2.2: Nordost Cables-Atrium 4.1, E114

Hailey 2.2: YG Acoustics/Thales/ EMT-
Atrium 4.1, E128

Hifi-Advice:  Sonja XV Jr. and InVincible system- one of their favorites  of the show.

Padood: "We carefully select our brands based on their sound quality and engineering. It is no surprise therefore that three of our brands, NAGRA AUDIO, SME audio UK & YG Acoustics), teamed up to create a beautiful system at the High End Society show in Munich last week. It was considered by many as one of the best sounding systems of the show. "

May 19, 2019
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