Carmel 2 Wins The Absolute Sound 2021 Golden Ear Award

We are Happy to announce that Carmel 2 has been awarded The Absolute Sound 2021 Golden Ear Award!

The least expensive YG may be small in stature, but itโ€™s a huge achievement. The Carmel 2 sounds bigger than it is, goes deeper and higher than it ought to, sidesteps all manner of intrinsic obstacles, and ultimately delivers a captivating musical experience. In addition, for those building a compact reference system destined for a shared-use space, the Carmel 2โ€™s unimposing dimensions, positioning versatility, and universally appealing aesthetics make it particularly compelling. If you never thought youโ€™d find all those virtues in one speaker, youโ€™re in for a nice surprise.

Alan Taffel. The Absolute Sound.
August 9, 2021
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