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About Us


Established in 2002, YG Acoustics is a world-leading ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer. We are located northwest of Denver, our state’s capital, in beautiful Arvada, Colorado U.S.A. – the exact midpoint between Tokyo and Frankfurt. Denver is the largest U.S. city to offer one-bounce satellite uplinks that provide real-time connections to six continents in one business day which allows our team to better serve growing world markets.

Passion for music and a commitment to pure sound drives our pursuit to create the perfect speaker. Our family of products are designed using a proprietary software, a full-fledged high-tech research firm and a highly sophisticated CNC machine shop. Our unique process and equipment allows us to produce our own drivers, cabinets and most other high-precision parts in-house – a statement very few speaker manufacturers can make.


The depth and breadth of our capabilities allows us to present speakers that are far more accurate than otherwise achievable, and the evolution of our products is driven by these ongoing technological advancements.

Most importantly, we bring a premier listening experience that conveys the heart and soul of each recording and we are proud to have been honored with numerous awards for creating speakers that preserve the delicate emotions of a live performance.

We invite you to explore this site as introduction to YG Acoustics and look forward to seeing you at an audio show. Check back often for updates and announcements and contact one of our esteemed partners for a personal audition.