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    • YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 Receives Excellent Review from The Absolute Sound
      The article is now available on the magazine's website. Reviewer Kirk Midtskog summarizes:
      "The Sonja 1.2 is revealing without sounding exaggerated. It is dynamically alive without sounding forced. It is tonally neutral without sounding clinical. It can make music playback evoke deep emotional connections and spark your imagination. I certainly have had some wonderful musical experiences with the Sonja in my system. The Sonja 1.2 delivers such high sonic performance, and does so on so many levels, that it leads me with the obvious conclusion of my highest recommendation. Stunning."
      The full article can be found on the Reviews page.
    • YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2 Review by Hi-Fi+
      YG Acoustics™ is proud to announce that our Carmel™ 2 is featured on the front cover of Hi-Fi+, and an excellent review by Chris Martens appears inside the magazine.
      The full article can be found on our Reviews page, and on the magazine's website.
    • Carmel 2 joins Hailey™ 1.2 and Sonja™ 1.2, as Devialet SAM©-Ready
      YG Acoustics™ is proud to announce that in addition to Hailey™ 1.2 and Sonja™ 1.2, which were certified SAM-Ready by Devialet earlier this year, Carmel™ 2 is now also SAM-Ready.
      Please see the special webpage for Hailey
      ™ 1.2 on the Devialet SAM site here, and for Carmel™ 2 here.
      Owners of YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ 1.2 can also use the same SAM parameters as Hailey™ 1.2, as both speakers' time-domain behavior and bass alignment are identical.