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    YG Acoustics LLC
    4941 Allison St. Unit 10
    Arvada, CO 80002
    Tel. +1-801-726-3887
    Fax. +1-303-420-0156

    • YG Acoustics™ is proud to introduce its first audio rack series: Rack 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6.
      A short video demonstrating the effectiveness of Rack 1.3 can found here.
      A full press release can be found here.
    • We are very proud to announce that YG Acoustics Sonja™ XV  was selected by HiFi+ as their Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker of the Year.
      The magazine summarizes: "...effortless, unforced treble performance, perfectly matched by a midrange, bass, and sub bass that redefine what is possible to be heard in an audio system."

      The article can be found on the Reviews page. For additional recognitions, see the Awards page.
    • YG Acoustics™ proudly presents BilletDome™ - a new, patent-pending, breakthrough tweeter technology.
      A short video illustrating BilletDome™ can be found here.
      The brand new, patent-pending BilletDome™ tweeter is YG Acoustics™’ most complex mechanical invention to date: a resonance-free soft dome is supported by a stiff, light airframe machined from aluminum billet. The airframe weighs a mere 30 milligrams (0.001 oz), but its critical sections are up to 14 times thicker than a typical hard dome, so its structural rigidity is vastly superior even to domes made of the most exotic hard materials. Finally, a tweeter that ends the age-old debate of hard dome versus soft dome, by combining the best of both.
      BilletDome™ is used exclusively in YG Acoustics™’ new “super-speaker”, Sonja™ XV.
    • Senior reviewer Greg Weaver of TAS magazine auditioned Sonja™ XV, and concluded:
      "This pioneering and benchmark-setting creation from YG is quite simply the most articulate, accurate, and musically engaging loudspeaker system I have heard. Period. I’ve heard speakers that sell for nearly four times as much that can’t begin to touch the Sonja XV in dynamic scaling, articulation, effortlessness, bass weight, transient speed, transparency, and individuality of pitch definition. The Sonja XV’s ability, especially as a 10-driver-per-channel, four-tower system, to communicate with a singular, cohesive, unified voice is unsurpassed in my experience. And its BilletDome tweeter is the most articulate, revealing, musically compelling treble transducer I’ve yet heard, easily surpassing the performance of any of the treated beryllium domes that have, until now, held my favor."
      The full report can be found here.
    • Last year, YG Acoustics™ Hailey™ 1.2 was measured by Devialet's SAM team, and shattered all expectations of how well a speaker can measure before DSP correction. The results can be found here.
      This year, Sonja™ 1.2 was tested, and exceeded even Hailey™'s previously-unmatched performance, with a time-coherent response that tracks the music signal with unparalleled precision. The measurement can be found here.
      Thanks to our distinguished colleagues at Devialet for conducting the measurements, and continuously developing advanced technologies in high-end audio.