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    • Kirk Midtskog of The Absolute Sound magazine comments regarding Sonja™ 1.2:
      "…Sonja seems to reproduce recordings with all their beauty and drama intact. It does not give the impression of being tuned in some way to dazzle the listener with a hyped-up sense of resolution. Accordingly, the long-term listenability of this speaker is simply marvelous, even though it can also deliver very high levels of detail.”
    • YG Acoustics™ is proud to announce that Carmel™ 2 has won the prestigious Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year award from hi-fi+ magazine (U.K.).
      For additional recognitions, please see the Awards page.
    • Reviewer-impressions from CES are in, and YG Acoustics is extremely proud to announce the results:
      Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound recognized the YG Acoustics™ suite featuring Sonja 1.3 as one of the Top 5 Best Sounding Rooms.
      Jon Iverson of Stereophile, in collaboration with music legend Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills & Nash), gave a stellar thumbs-up to YG Acoustics™' flagship.
      Michael Lavorgna of Stereophile/Audiostream, declared that the MSB suite featuring Sonja™ 1.2 was among his favorite sounds at the show.
      John Atkinson of Stereophile elected both the YG Acoustics™ suite and the MSB suite, which featured YG Acoustics™ speakers, as best of show.
    • YG Acoustics proudly announces that Hailey™ 1.2 has won the Super AV Awards (China) for Outstanding Overall Performance of a Floorstanding Speaker for 2015, and that Carmel™ 2 has won Enjoy the Music's Special 20/20 Award for 2015.
      Additional recognitions can be found on the Awards page.
    • The Absolute Sound has published a fantastic review of Sonja™ 1.2, while Carmel™ 2 is featured on the front cover of Hi-Fi+, with an excellent review by Chris Martens inside the magazine. Reviewer Kirk Midtskog summarizes regarding Sonja™ 1.2:
      "The Sonja 1.2 is revealing without sounding exaggerated. It is dynamically alive without sounding forced. It is tonally neutral without sounding clinical. It can make music playback evoke deep emotional connections and spark your imagination. I certainly have had some wonderful musical experiences with the Sonja in my system. The Sonja 1.2 delivers such high sonic performance, and does so on so many levels, that it leads me with the obvious conclusion of my highest recommendation. Stunning."
      Both full articles can be found on the Reviews page.