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    • Senior reviewer Greg Weaver of TAS magazine auditioned Sonja™ XV, and concluded:
      "This pioneering and benchmark-setting creation from YG is quite simply the most articulate, accurate, and musically engaging loudspeaker system I have heard. Period. I’ve heard speakers that sell for nearly four times as much that can’t begin to touch the Sonja XV in dynamic scaling, articulation, effortlessness, bass weight, transient speed, transparency, and individuality of pitch definition. The Sonja XV’s ability, especially as a 10-driver-per-channel, four-tower system, to communicate with a singular, cohesive, unified voice is unsurpassed in my experience. And its BilletDome tweeter is the most articulate, revealing, musically compelling treble transducer I’ve yet heard, easily surpassing the performance of any of the treated beryllium domes that have, until now, held my favor."
      The full report can be found here.
    • Chris Martens, Publisher of hi-fi+, flew in for the YG Acoustics Sonja™ XV launch event. He enjoyed an extensive audition, and wrote: "my listening session with the Sonja XV at GTT Audio & Video has come to represent a benchmark experience for me—a high water mark in terms of experiencing what’s possible when everything comes together to create moment of musical magic".
      We encourage you to read the entire article here.
    • Last year, YG Acoustics™ Hailey™ 1.2 was measured by Devialet's SAM team, and shattered all expectations of how well a speaker can measure before DSP correction. The results can be found here.
      This year, Sonja™ 1.2 was tested, and exceeded even Hailey™'s previously-unmatched performance, with a time-coherent response that tracks the music signal with unparalleled precision. The measurement can be found here.
      Thanks to our distinguished colleagues at Devialet for conducting the measurements, and continuously developing advanced technologies in high-end audio.
    • Polish magazine High Fidelity has published an in-depth review of YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2.
      Editor-in-Chief Wojciech Pacula was highly impressed with the sound and build-quality. His comments, as translated to English by the magazine:
      "These are brilliantly, extremely precisely made loudspeakers so that in comparison a vast majority of competitors look like they were made by a 12-year-old"
      "The smallest model in YG Acoustics range offer a perfect make&finish, is based on a solid engineering and made in a truly hi-tech production process. Equally important, however, is that they communicate with us “above” the technological level, beautifully conveying emotions stored in the recordings."
      The full article, and additional reviews, can be found on the Reviews page.