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    • A review of YG Acoustics™ Carmel 2 published by Enjoy the Music
      Enjoy the Music has published an excellent review of Carmel™ 2. The article can be found here.
      Reviewer Phil Gold concluded the test by stating "I just have to keep this pair", and purchased the speakers!
      Mr. Gold is one of eleven reviewers worldwide who have purchased YG Acoustics™ speakers for their reference systems, a number that we are very proud of.

      For additional articles, please see our Reviews page.
    • Awards and Reports from T.H.E. Show Newport Beach
      YG Acoustics has exhibited at Newport Beach, and is proud to have won three recognitions:
      1. An Audio Oasis award from PFO.
      2. A best-of-show write-up from TAS.
      3. A Gold Show Award from AV Showrooms.
      Additional reports, as well as photos from the show, can be found on YG Acoustics' Facebook page.
      Additional awards can be found here.
    • Hailey™ 1.2 and Sonja™ 1.2 are now Devialet SAM©-Ready
      YG Acoustics™ is proud to announce that Hailey™ 1.2 is now certified SAM-Ready by Devialet.
      Please see the special webpage for Hailey
      ™ 1.2 on the Devialet SAM site here.
      Owners of YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ 1.2 can also use the same SAM parameters, as both speakers' time-domain behavior and bass alignment are identical.