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    • Kirk Midtskog of The Absolute Sound magazine comments regarding Sonja™ 1.2:
      "…Sonja seems to reproduce recordings with all their beauty and drama intact. It does not give the impression of being tuned in some way to dazzle the listener with a hyped-up sense of resolution. Accordingly, the long-term listenability of this speaker is simply marvelous, even though it can also deliver very high levels of detail.”
    • YG Acoustics™' is proud to announce that at AXPONA 2016, its demo rooms have won three awards!
      The large GTT room, featuring Hailey 1.2 powered by Audionet electronics, a Kronos turntable and Kubala-Sosna cabling, has won two awards: a Gold Show Award from AV Showrooms and an Audio Oasis from Positive Feedback.
      In addition, the compact GTT room featuring Carmel™ 2 powered by Mola Mola electronics and Kubala-Sosna cabling, has also won a second(!) Audio Oasis.

      Additional recognitions can be found on the Awards page.
    • YG Acoustics™ is famous around the audio-world for manufacturing nearly everything in-house, using its own CNC machine shop.
      Please see  here a photo step-by-step presentation of how an aircraft-grade aluminum piece is transformed from raw metal to precision-part.
    • YG Acoustics™ is proud to announce that Carmel™ 2 has won the prestigious Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year award from hi-fi+ magazine (U.K.).
      For additional recognitions, please see the Awards page.
    • YG Acoustics proudly announces that Hailey™ 1.2 has won the Super AV Awards (China) for Outstanding Overall Performance of a Floorstanding Speaker for 2015, and that Carmel™ 2 has won Enjoy the Music's Special 20/20 Award for 2015.
      Additional recognitions can be found on the Awards page.