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    • Wrapping up a highly successful CES 2015

      YG Acoustics™ is proud to wrap up our twelfth CES, with remarkable accolades from the press:
      • Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound crowned our Sonja™ 1.2, driven by Boulder electronics and Transparent cables, as his cost-no-object Best of Show.
      • Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound recognized the same Sonja™ 1.2/Boulder/Transparent system above, as well as our world-premiere of Carmel™ 2 driven by d'Agostino, Kronos, dCS, Audionet and Kubala-Sosna, as tied for his cost-no-object Best of Show.
      • Enjoy the Music published a video-interview with YG Acoustics™' lead designer Yoav Geva, via video-chat directly from CES.
      • Julie Mullins of The Absolute Sound recognized both above-mentioned systems (Sonja™ 1.2 and Carmel™ 2) as some of the Most Significant Sounds Overall.
      • Larry Greenhill of Stereophile was impressed by Carmel™ 2's soundstage, and noted that it shared most of the characteristics of the flagship Sonja™.
      • Jim Hannon of The Absolute Sound selected our Carmel™ 2 as his cost-no-object Best Sound.
      • AV Showrooms gave our Carmel™ 2 a Gold Show Award.