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  • YG Acoustics™ speakers are based eight proprietary technologies. Please select a technology below for details (video or PDF brochure):

    New - BilletDome™ - Finally, a tweeter that ends the age-old debate of hard dome versus soft dome, by combining the best of both
    New - ViseCoil™ - bass inductors encased in a vise-like milled structure to eliminate vibration and tighten tolerances. Details coming soon.
     BilletCore™ - revolutionary drivers machined from solid billet
     ForgeCore™ - the ultra-low-distortion motor system
     ToroAir™ - leading-edge mid and tweeter inductors without signal contamination
     DualCoherent™ - the crossover coherent in both time and frequency domains
     Cabinet Technology - fully CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum construction
     FocusedElimination™ - pinpoint elimination of resonances without loss

    YG Acoustics™ is famous around the audio-world for manufacturing nearly everything in-house, using its own CNC machine shop.
    Please see  here a photo step-by-step presentation of how an aircraft-grade aluminum piece is transformed from raw metal to precision-part.