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  •  YG Acoustics™ Hailey™ 1.2 was reviewed by Sweden's HiFi & Musik who discussed the lifelike nautural sound of the Hailey     1.2™.  For our  Swedish speaking friends to read and enjoy,  here.
  • YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ 2.2 review by HiFi+ Magazine’s Chris Martens.
    “The Sonja 2.2 manages to be highly informative while also remaining uncannily smooth sounding and unflustered, whether playing loudly, softly, or anywhere in between (where competing speakers often achieve perceived detail at the expense of a subtly bright, brittle, and edgy sound).”
    Please find full review here.
  • YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ 2.2 review by The Absolute Sound's Kirk Midtskog.
    Please find the full review here.
    Several key quotes from the review:
    "...the Sonja 2.2’s greatest strength, in my opinion, is its uncanny level of resolution and its lack of apparent artifice or strain. One can more easily relax and enjoy the music as it unfolds because there is so little hardness in the upper frequencies. “Detail and ease” seems to be a theme that a select group of excellent speakers embody to a much greater extent than merely good speakers do. Count the Sonja 2.2 among that select group."
    "Compared to most other speakers, the soundstage sounds as if the YGs were placed about two feet farther apart and in a slightly larger room than they actually are. Individual images within the larger soundscape are focused, not in an exaggerated, hyped-up way, but in a manner that simply makes subtle musical elements more discernible."
    "Music unfolds in a balanced way—tonally, dynamically, harmonically, and visually proportionally realistic within its overall soundscape."
  • YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ 2.2 featured as the cover story of Haute Fidelite (France).
    Haute Fidelite is France's leading high-end audio magazine, and is read in multiple countries around Europe.
    For the full review (in French) please see here.
  • YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2 was reviewed by Taiwanese magazine My-Hiend.
    The reviewer's comments (translated from Chinese): "Faced with Mahler's complex large-scale orchestral music, the sound field of the system was impressive. Particularly the precise soundstage, the details of each instrument, and the dynamic integrity as a whole. The texture and control of the sound was excellent."
    For the full review (in Chinese) please see here.
  • The cover story of the April 2017 issue of HXOS Plus features YG Acoustics™ Hailey™ 1.2.
    The review's conclusions (translated from Greek):
    "There is no speaker that is absolutely uncolored, no speaker that does not have its own tonal character. But there are a few shining examples that are less colored than our amps and sources, than our cables and recordings. The Hailey 1.2 clearly belong to that select category. They are so uncolored and true to the music, that we hear what our equipment is doing, we hear how our cables and room are behaving, we hear what our recordings sound like, instead of listening to the speakers’ coloration. The Martin Logan CLX and the big full range Sound Labs come to mind, as speakers with only one drive unit and no crossover, that possess exceptional transparency and truthfulness to the source. The fact that YG Acoustics has managed this feat with a three way dynamic speakers is really a miracle, a true engineering feat."
    "There is no doubt that YG Hailey 1.2 is one of very few speakers (regardless of technology or operating principle) that puts the listener inside the original musical event, that let him/her stop fidgeting with ancillary equipment and recordings and start enjoying the music. Especially thanks to this miraculous ability, even when setting aside its superb build quality, it really justifies every dollar of its substantial price."
    Thanks to our Greek distributor Aphrodite's Vision for providing the translation.
  • Senior reviewer Mr. Holger Barske of Hifi Test magazine published an article about YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2. The review (in German) can be found here.
    Mr. Barske's conclusions (translated from German): "YG's Carmel 2 is an extreme speaker in every way. It always plays well, but with careful setup it pushes the limits of the 'compact floorstander; concept to a new level."
    Thanks to our German distributor PIA for providing the speakers for the review, and making it all possible.
  • HiFi+ has published a phenomenal review of the "super-speaker" YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ XV.
    Special thanks to GTT Audio for making their showroom, and a wide array of top-notch ancillary equipment, available for the extensive audition.
    Veteran reviewer Chris Martens' conclusion: "YG Acoustics Sonja XV stands as the finest and by far the most accomplished loudspeaker I have yet heard, and by no small margin at that."
    The full review can be found here.
  • France's VUMetre magazine subjected YG Acoustics™ Hailey™ 1.2 to both an exhaustive listening test, and a precise measurement-lab inspection.
    Their conclusions, translated to English:
    "indesputable measurements...linearity, phase-coherence, low distortion"
    "totally natural reproduction, highly powerful resolution, tonal correctness, highly precise soundstage"
    "Run quickly! Go listen to YG's Hailey 1.2. This manufacturer has veritably assaulted the issues of speaker and crossover design using technologies. Musically undisputed and uncontested"
    The full review can be found here.
  • HiFi+ magazine has chosen their 2016 award winners, and we are very proud to announce that YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ XV  is the Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker of the Year.
    The magazine summarizes: "...effortless, unforced treble performance, perfectly matched by a midrange, bass, and sub bass that redefine what is possible to be heard in an audio system."
    We encourage you to read the entire article here.
  • Senior reviewer Greg Weaver of TAS magazine auditioned Sonja™ XV, and concluded:
    "This pioneering and benchmark-setting creation from YG is quite simply the most articulate, accurate, and musically engaging loudspeaker system I have heard. Period. I’ve heard speakers that sell for nearly four times as much that can’t begin to touch the Sonja XV in dynamic scaling, articulation, effortlessness, bass weight, transient speed, transparency, and individuality of pitch definition. The Sonja XV’s ability, especially as a 10-driver-per-channel, four-tower system, to communicate with a singular, cohesive, unified voice is unsurpassed in my experience. And its BilletDome tweeter is the most articulate, revealing, musically compelling treble transducer I’ve yet heard, easily surpassing the performance of any of the treated beryllium domes that have, until now, held my favor."
    The full report can be found here.
  • Chris Martens, Publisher of hi-fi+, flew in for the YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ XV launch event. He enjoyed an extensive audition, and wrote: "my listening session with the Sonja XV at GTT Audio & Video has come to represent a benchmark experience for me—a high water mark in terms of experiencing what’s possible when everything comes together to create moment of musical magic".
    We encourage you to read the entire article here.
  • Polish magazine High Fidelity has published an in-depth review of YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2.
    Editor-in-Chief Wojciech Pacula was highly impressed with the speaker's sound and build-quality. His comments, as translated to English by the magazine:
    "These are brilliantly, extremely precisely made loudspeakers so that in comparison a vast majority of competitors look like they were made by a 12-year-old"
    "The smallest model in YG Acoustics range offer a perfect make&finish, is based on a solid engineering and made in a truly hi-tech production process. Equally important, however, is that they communicate with us “above” the technological level, beautifully conveying emotions stored in the recordings."
    An English translation of the entire review will be published online later this year. Meanwhile, Polish readers can find the full article here.
  • Swedish high-end magazine HiFi och Musik puts Carmel 2 to the test. In the February 2016 issue of the magazine, reviewer Mats Meyer-Lie evaluates YG Acoustics' compact floorstander.
    In concluding this excellent review, Mats declares "if I could afford to buy them, I would not hesitate a second!"
    For our Swedish-speaking fans, the full article can be downloaded here.
  • Carmel™ 2 appears on the front cover of the February 2016 issue of Music Emotion (The Netherlands).
    Inside is an excellent review by respected critic Ruud Jonker.
    YG Acoustics™ encourages all Dutch-speaking audiophiles to pick up a copy of the magazine, and read the review.
  • Carmel™ 2 appears on the front cover of the October 2015 issue of Hi-Fi+.
    Inside is a fantastic article by Chris Martens, which can also be found on the magazine's website.
    The reviewer concludes: "…Carmel 2 demonstrates truly astonishing power handling capabilities and vibrant, full-bodied dynamics. It also belies its modest size by serving up surprisingly deep, powerful, and extended bass.” “This also holds true when playing pipe organ material rich in low-frequency content, which the Carmel 2 happily reproduces with powerful and shuddering depth tempered by an excellent measure of control.” "This compact and exquisitely made floorstander...offers transparency, detail, neutrality of voicing, and overall refinement... The Carmel 2 is without a doubt an unqualified design triumph."
  • ΉXOΣ magazine (Greece) has published a spectacular review of YG Acoustics™ Carmel™ 2. The article can be downloaded here.
    The speaker received 5 stars, which is the publication's highest rating. The detailed evaluation concluded with a score of 4.94 out of 5, which is apparently among the highest numbers ever doled out by the publication.
    This article is YG Acoustics™' first review in the Greek media, and we are proud to enter this new market on such a high note.
  • Carmel™ 2 appears on the front cover of the August-September 2015 issue of Canada HiFi.
    Inside is an excellent review, which can also be found online here.
    The writer gave YG Acoustics™ the highest honor, by purchasing the review pair for his own reference system.
    A sample comment from the article: “I tried Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue to see how well the Carmel would fare on deep organ notes, and I could not have wanted for more. The whole room was energized.”
  • Enjoy the Music has published an excellent review of Carmel™ 2. The article can be found here.
    Reviewer Phil Gold concluded the test by stating "I just have to keep this pair", and purchased the speakers.
    Mr. Gold is one of eleven reviewers worldwide who have purchased YG Acoustics™ speakers for their reference systems, a number that we are very proud of.
    Additional comments by Mr. Gold: "I love how YG Acoustics have managed to keep the wonderful qualities of the Carmel but add so much to the lower frequency articulation, the midrange clarity, the openness of the upper frequencies and the overall level of realism."
    "I found myself completely unable to play short excerpts, the sound so captivating I simply had to play it through to the end. One moment passionate, the next haunting and then almost frightening, this is an amazing test of a system's ability to reproduce instrumental color and the most intricate detail." “Serious weight, presence, impact, clarity. Even in the deep bass and all the way up to the top registers” “…lower frequency articulation, the midrange clarity, the openness of the upper frequencies and the overall level of realism …I just have to keep this pair.”
  • The March-April 2015 issue of Hifi & Records (Germany) features Hailey™ 1.2 on the cover.
    The review includes both measurements, and a detailed description of the sonics.
    A selection of comments, all translated from German:
    Measurements: “Hailey's drivers show off their high quality by offering excellent dispersion (both horizontal and vertical) and a super-clean waterfall-diagram.... a first-class engineered speaker."
    Sonics: "[Hailey's] fantastic resolution, cleanliness and reproduction of fine detail are, without a doubt, among the best that money can buy."
    "The precision of the soundstage is exemplary."
    "A top-quality, exceptional speaker. It has a price to match, but offers impressive quality accordingly, both material-wise and sonically."
  • The April 2015 issue of The Absolute Sound features YG Acoustics™' Hailey™ 1.2 as its cover story.
    Inside, a glowing five-page review is augmented by an interview with lead-designer Yoav Geva.
    The magazine also includes a report from CES 2015, with two "Best of Show" recognitions for YG Acoustics™.
    The full review can be found here.
  • Positive Feedback has published a glowing review of Hailey™ 1.2. The article can be found here.
    Reviewer Danny Kaey gave YG Acoustics™ the ultimate compliment: he purchased the review pair!
    Mr. Kaey explained his decision within the review: "It's the perfect DK speaker—the music I listen to, Hailey loves."

  • The November-December 2014 issue of Image Hifi (Germany) features Hailey™ 1.2 on the cover. Chief Editor Uwe Kirbach crowns Hailey™ 1.2 as a "Work of Art".
    Further comments, all translated from German:
    “In machining-time alone, a single pair of Hailey requires 61 hours... Assembly requires even longer, as a pair
    consists of 1640 parts... Never before have I so strongly had the feeling, that relative to the impressive
    build-quality, complex worksmanship and resulting sound, expensive high-end is actually fair-priced."
    "Never before have I been so impressed, that a speaker doesn't lend the music any of its own character, but rather
    actually steps back behind the recordings and is completely at their service”.
    The full review can be read here.
    A video recap can be viewed here.
  • The Absolute Sound has published an excellent review of Sonja™ 1.2. The article can be found here.
    Reviewer Kirk Midtskog summarizes:
    "The Sonja 1.2 is revealing without sounding exaggerated. It is dynamically alive without sounding forced. It is tonally neutral without sounding clinical. It can make music playback evoke deep emotional connections and spark your imagination. I certainly have had some wonderful musical experiences with the Sonja in my system. The Sonja 1.2 delivers such high sonic performance, and does so on so many levels, that it leads me with the obvious conclusion of my highest recommendation. Stunning."
  • The August 2015 issue of Home Electronics (Switzerland) features Sonja™ 1.3 on the front cover.
    The eight-page review, conducted by Joachim Pfeiffer who is arguably the most famous audio journalist in the German-speaking world, crowns Sonja™ 1.3 as "the world's best speaker" (translated from German).
    While YG Acoustics™ has stopped using such taglines years ago, it is a great honor for us to have the press hold our flagship speaker in such high regard.
    The full article can be viewed here. It is in German, but also includes a photo "factory tour" so it may be of interest to readers from all over the world.

  • Stereophile magazine reviewers voted YG Acoustics™' Sonja™ 1.3 as Loudspeaker of the Year for 2013. The editorial staff concluded: "do what you can to hear these speakers. They epitomize high-performance audio."
    The full article can be found here.

  • The July 2013 issue of Stereophile features the Sonja™ 1.3 on the cover. Chief Editor John Atkinson puts the speaker to the test, and concludes:
    “YGA's Sonja 1.3 is that rare beast: a true full-range loudspeaker capable of playing at realistic sound-pressure levels with very low coloration and superbly stable, accurate soundstaging... immaculate build quality and equally immaculate sound quality... Class A, all the way”.
    On the Measurements sidebar, Chief Editor John Atkinson concludes:
    “The YGA Sonja 1.3 offered the excellent measured performance you should expect at its price”.

  • In a review from Down Under, Audio Esoterica magazine's Edgar Kramer refers to YG Acoustics™' flagship as "Sonja the Seductress", and notes that its "... tactile seduction and simple external beauty hides profound complexity". Kramer praises"...Sonja's unprecedented detail, acute resolution and limitless dynamic expression". He goes on to observe that "Harmonic texture, especially, in the highs was state of the art with delicate micro-detail, air and decay being among the best we've heard; this is one special tweeter and midrange team. Separation and resolution we'd say, are at the pinnacle of what's currently achievable... Percussive instruments had extraordinary punch and slam and, in the context of amplification, there seemed to be little or no dynamic limitation". Kramer concludes by finding the Sonja "...visually striking, meticulously assembled and contains advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques that place it at the summit, sharing a deserved spot, with the very best available today".
  • Kirk Midtskog reviewed the "fully-loaded" (passive) configuration of the Kipod™ II line, and found it to be "an exceptionally impressive performer. Detailed and musically engaging, it allows him to traverse his music collection with unrestricted pleasure, no matter what kind of music he played. With state-of-the-art mini-monitor-like resolution and soundstaging, coupled with a dynamic and frequency envelope a mini would envy, the Kipod™ II Signature Passive offers something KM had all but given up hope of finding: a high performance, full-range speaker in a package skillfully scaled to fit in smaller rooms".
    The full review can be found here.
  • Chief Editor Jerry Seigel of 10 Audio honors the Kipod™ II Signature with the publication's highest score of 10+ LPs, and with an ever bigger compliment - the Kipod™ II Signature was purchased by the magazine as its new reference speaker. The full review can be found here.
  • n this video review, AV Showrooms' Zach Galarza notes:
    "The Carmel offers a super refined sonic hologram and is sized just right for most every listening environment."
  • In the detailed review which can be found here, Ultra High End Review's Frank Berryman determines:
    "I am gobsmacked by the YG Acoustics Carmels. Having attended nearly every audio trade show over the past four years, I can honestly say that I know of no other similarly sized loudspeaker at anywhere near the price that can hold a candle to them."
  • In Issue 64 (Nov/Dec 2012) of Positive Feedback Online, Editor-in-chief David Robinson dissects the YG Acoustics™ Anat™ III Signature's performance and concludes with a coveted PFO Brutus award:
    "...the YG ForgeCore™ tweeter... was very quick, added air and ting without zing, and sounded well balanced with the other drivers." "The dual BilletCore™ mids were very coherent and direct, delivering this zone of the music with convincing tonality and precision... the mids were (like everything else with the Anat III's) quick... The music was round and right here, and had a truly convincing sense of immediately that I really enjoyed." "the bass... excelled in tight control and laser-like speed... exceptionally tight, fast bass... the bass is simply there" "The clarity and transparency, fused with the power and control... provided a sense of naturalness" "one of the very few systems on the planet that is in the exalted category of 'first rank' in my listening room... my highest recommendation, with great enthusiasm!"
  • In this engaging article which can be found here, Ultra High End Review's Frank Berryman concludes:
    "Know that each pair of YG Acoustics speakers is fabricated with the highest degree of precision in the industry, and fanatical attention to detail. You need to arrange a visit to your local dealer or attend a trade show to hear how special these speakers are for yourself."
  • Please enjoy The Audio Beat's comprehensive factory tour here. Marc Mickelson's comments when listening to the Anat™ III Signature:
    "YG speakers have always been high-rez, wide-bandwidth designs, and so it was with the Anat III Signature, which revealed tons of musically important information and had a special way with hall ambience. But more significant was the effect of the BilletCore drivers, which, for all their technical advantages, made for a more natural-sounding presentation, one whose first and best trick was not merely sounding detailed. The palette of tonal colors was immense, which helped to differentiate voices especially well. I could name cut after cut here, but it's easier to say that they all sounded realistic and, moreover, human."
  • In addition to the wonderful review which can be found here, Ultra Audio's Howard Kneller gave YG Acoustics™ the highest compliment possible: he purchased the review pair for his reference system.
  • The February 2012 issue of The Absolute Sound features the Anat™ III Signature on the cover. Peter Breuninger puts the speaker to the test, and emerges a huge fan. Some of Peter’s detailed comments:
    “The YG’s microscopic, but super-realistic reproduction draws you in with a crystal-clear view of each instrument within the mix. It’s like an autofocus on a $5000 camera; you get to “see” the individual image objects “pop” within the viewfinder as you scan the subject.” “… it does “midrange clarity” like no other loudspeaker I’ve heard. It’s simply magnificent.” “When the music appears, poof! There’re gone. Harry Houdini couldn’t have done it better. I’ve never heard pop music sound this believable.” This speaker system gives that JV audio term “jump” real credibility.” “… pace, rhythm, and timing. …the YG has, since my goshdarn legs never seem to stop bouncing. Well done, Yoav, but you are wearing a hole in my carpet.” “…it reproduces white-hot recordings with a finesse and flare that keeps you in the chair, listening. No other large, super-resolution loudspeaker I know of can do this.” “This is where the YG’s work their magic. They unravel each musical line without blur or haze. Your mind doesn’t realize you are listening to loudspeakers; it’s as if the music is emanating from within your soul.” “The YGs will bring you to tears here with their unadulterated emotional involvement.” “The YG Anat III Signature loudspeaker is thus the best loudspeaker in the world if you value musical involvement and you-are-there-at-the-recording-session reality. I was so impressed that I asked for a three-month listening extension following the review.” “The YG Anat III Signature will be a treasured possession to those who demand nothing but the very best. It’s an outstanding achievement.”
  • Check out the in-depth review here. Some wonderful comments from Phil Gold:
    “…I am surprised at each listening session just how freely music flows from it. This is not just a result of its superb linearity, but also a direct result of the way it reproduces bass.” “Bass has amazing speed and articulation. It's as clean as a whistle with not a trace of the boominess that afflicts so many large speakers. A bass line is as focused and well pitched as anything in the midrange.” “It is quite the best treble I have ever heard in my house, and as with the bass, it's superbly integrated with the midrange.” “…its immediacy, tonal accuracy, resolution, speed and imaging are simply astonishing, even by the highest standards. There is no way this pair of speakers is going back to the State of Colorado where it was born. I'm addicted.” “This magic is repeated whatever disc you play. The dynamics are so great, the string tones so realistic, the sound so full of detail and harmonic accuracy, the listener is immediately transported.” “…the closest I have ever heard to Rubinstein's sound as I remember it from the half dozen times I heard him in the concert hall. Everything is here, power, grandeur, sparkling treble, deep bass runs, the Carmel reveals it all.” “That the Carmel belongs in the reference class is unquestionable. More than that, I have selected it to be my new reference.”
  • Read the full review here. Marshall comments:
    “Start-N-Stop Action: This was singularly impressive. All of a sudden the obfuscations—resonances, smearing, noise and artifact—were all wiped aside. I got the impression the drivers were engaging the signal with minimal frictional loss; rise time was instantaneous; recovery had no lag. The jump in fidelity was huge.” “The Anat's soundstage deserves special mention. With good source material, ...virtually nothing is at the plane of the speakers. The stage begins behind them and recedes in layers from there. The spread is wide and incredibly well delineated. The speakers disappear as a sound source.” “I'm having a ball with the YG Acoustics Anat III Studio speakers. I knew they were in the top tier, but I wasn't quite ready for a game changer. YG has thought of everything—in no single parameter does the Anat come in less than SOTA (State Of The Art).” “What YG has achieved in fidelity to the signal is remarkable.”
  • The full review can be found here. Some insight from Bill Wells:
    “Instruments such as piano, trumpet, saxophone and especially vocals were reproduced in an absolutely stunning manner. The sound was clear, transparent, open, and pristine, yet with lifelike realism and palpable body along with harmonics galore. Additionally, the sonic picture was full of color with a naturalness that was well beyond anything I’ve ever heard throughout my many years in high-end audio.” “…the hall ambiance and holographic effect were truly stunning…” “These speakers are special…”
  • Read the full review here. Some comments from Uday:
    “…but when he heard the opening notes of this recording, his jaw dropped. This was due not only to the Carmel’s ability to handle wide dynamic swings and the sense of ease that they displayed, but also to the illusion of immense physical spaces the pair of them could convey.” “ impressive accomplishment.”
  • A fantastic review of the Carmel™ is the cover story for the magazine. Read the full review here. Chris Martens comments in his review:
    “Let me just come right out and say it: the YG Carmel is hands down the most accomplished loudspeaker I’ve ever had in my home…” “The sense of place, of actually being present at the moment of the performance, is so convincingly rendered through the Carmels that you may feel almost as though you’ve stepped into a musical time machine…” “I found the Carmels produced much wider and deeper soundstages than any speaker I’ve yet had in my listening room…” “…that’s the most amazing thing I ever heard from any hi-fi system.”

  • Read the full review here. Jerry Seigel comments:
    “For more than a year, over many hundreds of listening hours, I have found no fault. None.”  “The Kipods are the highest resolution speakers I have heard in my room…” “The YG Acoustics crossover technology, where both the phase and amplitude are optimized, is – audibly – perfect.” “This is the ideal marriage of art and science.” “The sound stage, that illusion of a discernable and realistic performance space, is as solid, stable, deep, wide, tall and huge as from any speaker made today.” “There is no ambiguity at the start of notes, which are often startling in both their realism and clarity.” “This is a step above "reference-grade", which is simply the current state-of-the-art.”
  • The full issue containing the review can be found here. Editor Jeff Dorgay comments:
    “Geva and company definitely achieved their goal in terms of midrange clarity and an immersive soundstage. “ “…they seemed to reproduce more fine detail than anything I’ve ever experienced.” “…the three dimensionality and the clarity of these speakers was what kept me so intrigued.” “everything I played…offered up some new sonic treats.” “…the YG Anats are a must-listen.”
  • In this full review plus factory tour, Editor-in-Chief Robert Harley comments:
    “Transient information had a coherence that was world-class.” “The loudspeaker’s tremendous midrange and treble transparency helped in creating the impression of a “see-through” quality that allowed very low-level sounds at the back of the hall (including spatial cues) to be rendered with great resolution.” “… the Kipod Studio was utterly magical.”

  • Read the full review here. Adam Goldfine comments:
    "goose bump inducing realism" and "sounds seemed to materialize out of thin air to startling effect". "Their ability to resolve fine nuances of low level detail and ambience gave them the ability to recreate acoustic space like nothing I've heard and was nothing short of astounding." "Freedom from strain and compression...I found the Anats to be transcendent in this aspect of performance." "More than any speaker I've heard, I felt I could rely on them to tell the truth with no editorializing, almost a Zen sense of bringing nothing to the music." "Am I gushing? Yes. Is there reason to? Yes."
  • In this cover story which can be found here, Wes Phillips was impressed by:
    "how completely effortless music sounded-all music...," "...the soundstage so huge I could have walked into it and wandered around for an hour or so," "...when I want to hear what a recording really sounds like, I'll want to hear it through the Anat Reference II Professionals." His overall conclusion: "Like my pappy used to say, it ain't braggin' if you can actually do it."

  • Jeff Fritz was highly impressed by the sound and production quality. The full review can be found here. Excerpts:
    “Depth of soundstage was extraordinary… a scary-real image… might as well have been performed right in my room… reach-out-and-touch you real”, “One of the most-thoroughly well-designed loudspeakers available”.
  • Read the full review here. Doug Schneider declares:
    “They’re relentlessly neutral and make other relatively neutral-sounding speakers seem quite colored in comparison”. Other superlatives included “All other speakers I’ve reviewed seem diffuse, even confused, in comparison”, “Its way of… laying out the soundstage with painstaking precision is the best I’ve heard from any speaker” and “The... stage was so well laid out, holographic and razor-sharp that I found it hard to believe I was getting such sound from stereo”, among others. Production quality was also praised: “By far, the most solid speaker I’ve ever reviewed”.
  • Chief editor Sam Ho purchased the speaker for the publication’s reference system after a glowing review.
  • A “showdown” of cost-no-object speakers is conducted – all 14 market leaders are compared head-to-head using objective third-party measurements. Anat Reference™ Main Module emerges as the clear technological superior in all five categories tested: anechoic frequency response (flattest), response at normal listening distance (flattest), lateral dispersion (tied for most uniform), vertical dispersion (most uniform) and distortion (tied for lowest 3rd harmonic). Thus, YG Acoustics™’ technological leadership is confirmed by an independent source.
  • Audio critic and professional bass player Hiromi Wada purchases the speaker for his reference system after a glowing review.

  • Audio-guru Makoto Fujioka concludes:
    “An absolute masterpiece… I wondered how this level of performance was possible... Listening to it will change the future course of your audio life”