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  • Carmel™ is the most affordable speaker from YG Acoustics™. It represents a breakthrough in manufacturing efficiency, performance and value, handmade in U.S.A. The cabinet is  constructed of fully machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This material, using vibration-free pressurized assembly, allows for the most acoustically desirable enclosure construction available.

    YG Acoustics™ crossover circuits are all created using proprietary software developed entirely in-house. DualCoherent™ technology provides the best frequency response and relative phase available. Competing speakers are optimized in either the frequency domain (most common) or time domain. Only YG Acoustics™ has the ability to optimize both domains simultaneously.

    Carmel™'s cabinet is machined using 5-axis technology (the competition is limited to 3 axes). This avoids the parallel internal surfaces common in other so-called “complex enclosure designs". FocusedElimination™ anti-resonance technology keeps mechanical losses lower than any competing speaker, by combining the minimized turbulence of a sealed design with the low friction otherwise associated with enclosure-free concepts.

    Carmel™ utilizes Scan-Speak drivers, modified to YG Acoustics™ specifications. The tweeter, which is assembled in-house, is a highly modified ring-radiator type. It offers greatly extended bandwidth, linearity and power-handling. Carmel™’s 7” woofer provides excellent clarity and bass extension in a compact enclosure.

    YG Acoustics™ speakers are not voiced. All measurements are verified using extensive listening tests, but the speakers are not artificially manipulated. YG Acoustics™ speakers simply convey the recording – nothing more, nothing less.

    The end-result is a speaker of remarkable refinement. Carmel™ is ultra-transparent, and presents a huge yet precise soundstage, with the natural sound of a live performance that YG Acoustics™ is famous for. This is all presented in a speaker with elegant lines that invites inclusion in the finest home environments.

  • Deviation: 
    ±2 dB in the audible band
    ±10° relative phase throughout entire overlap
    Exceptional pair-matching
    Useable output extends from below 35 Hz to above 40 kHz

    Proprietary DualCoherent™ crossover at 1.75 kHz
    Designed using software developed in-house

    87 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m 2π anechoic

    8Ω nominal, minimum below 4Ω at 4 kHz

    102x28x36 cm (41x11x15”) HxWxD

    30 kg (66 lbs) per channel unpackaged
    80 kg (177 lbs) shipping weight per pair

    YG Acoustics™ constantly strives to update and improve existing products as well as create new products and technologies. Therefore, specifications and construction details are subject to change without notice.